6 Produce Shipping Challenges and How Trinity Can Solve Them

Produce shipping can be challenging. When selecting a transportation provider, it is important that they have the capabilities to ensure your products reach their destination on time. Additionally, they must understand the special requirements necessary to complete a produce shipment safely and legally. Below, we discuss the challenges of transporting produce and how Trinity and Burris can be part of your solution.

#1. Deciding how to ship your goods: There are a variety of avenues that can be used throughout produce transportation and one size does not fit all.

Solution:Trinity arranges multiple modes to move your cold chain products in a way that is best for you.

  • Truckload
  • LTL
  • Intermodal
  • Drayage

#2. Selecting the right carrier: Having trust in your carrier is vital. In order to properly ship produce, carriers need to have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Solution: We have a network of 70,000 carriers to make finding the equipment you require quick and easy. We have an extensive carrier vetting process to ensure that whoever is contracted for your shipment has a proven understanding of produce. Our strong carrier relationships allow us to help reduce exposure to major price spikes when produce season hits.

#3. Warehousing that fits your needs: Just like shipping, not all warehousing needs are created equal.

Solution: Burris PRW Plus, a division of Burris Logistics, is our extensive solution for temperature-controlled strategic warehousing. Whether it be storing, tempering, freezing, or needing multiple temperature storage solutions, Burris PRW Plus can fulfill your warehousing needs.

#4. Monitoring your product from start to finish: It is a large risk arranging shipments without visibility.

Solution: From the beginning to the end of the shipping process, it is important to have access to the technology needed to monitor your products. Both Burris and Trinity have a variety of cutting-edge technologies for Order Tracking, Product Inspection, and Inventory Management. Between Trinity’s Managed Transportation Solutions and Burris’s Supply Chain Portal, we have the tools to take data from every step of the Supply Chain to create usable data for the supplier, shipper, carrier, and vendors.

#5. Legal and regulatory challenges: It is imperative that your products maintain high quality and are safe to eat. The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is changing the United States’ food safety requirements so that they are focused on the prevention of foodborne illnesses.

Solution: Trinity and Burris understand the requirements that are necessary to be FSMA compliant, and we verify that our carefully selected carriers will meet those standards. In addition, we strive to always remain ahead of the curve when it comes to food safety. All of Burris’ warehouses are SQL Safe Quality Food certified. This certification demonstrates our proven record of maintaining high standards of quality, security, and adherence to temperature requirements and documentation consistency.

#6. Handling claims: When it comes to claims, your transportation provider must understand and comply with PACA (Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act).

Solution: At Trinity we understand, comply, and go above and beyond to solve any problems that might occur. If a claim needs to be filed, Trinity’s in-house dedicated Claims Team processes all produce claims on the customers behalf.

From start to finish, Trinity and Burris Logistics are confident that we have the experience and expertise to satisfy any produce challenge. With our combined solutions we have the warehousing, handling, tracking, and shipping expertise to accommodate our customers from End-to-End or at any point in the supply chain. If you are looking for a transportation solution for your produce, request a quote for your shipment here. We also recommend following our Facebook and LinkedIn pages where we highlight key produce industry news and so you can learn more about us.